Is there a path I can confidently follow?

Through John, God revealed that the process of spiritual growth happens in Stages – Childhood, Young Adulthood, and Parenthood. See for yourself what the seasoned apostle wrote about Stages of spiritual growth.

How can I measure my progress at each Stage?

The Spiritual Growth Profile will help you locate where you are on your journey of faith. The questions will help you determine how far you have traveled, where you are strong, what obstacles may be delaying your progress, and what steps to take in your spiritual growth.

Finally! A fresh way to start Conversations about what it means to receive Christ as Savior – and then how to confidently set out on your journey of spiritual growth.

Don is the founder of Stages of Faith Ministries, Inc., where he is fully devoted to providing Coaching, leadership Training, and Teaching. His target is men and women who want to be different and make a difference. Don Willett earned the doctoral degree in Educational Studies (Ph.D. from Talbot School of Theology), where he also completed the Masters of Christian Education and the Masters of Divinity. His diverse professional experiences are foundational to the work of Stages of Faith, and include twenty years of pastoral ministry with youth and adult education, small groups, and discipleship. He also served on staff at a church renewal organization, been the Director of the Adult Degree Completion Program at Biola University, and taught courses on Stages of Faith in churches and Christian universities. 

Free eBook: The Case for Stages of Faith

The apostle John wrote to three groups in his audience—children, young men, and fathers (1 John 2:12-14). How are we to interpret John’s intent and meaning in these designations? Much is at stake!

In this ebook, Don Willett invites you to participate as the jury and examine the arguments for and against the claim that John’s groups are stages of faith. What’s your verdict?