What is Stages of Faith?

Stages of Faith “exists to guide and transform the follower of Christ on their journey toward full-grown spiritual maturity.” Resources and services are designed to equip you with knowledge and tools to travel far on your own journey of faith—and to skillfully guide others in their spiritual development

The Model of Stages of Faith

Dr. Willett’s research shows you how to think about spiritual growth in a way that is surprisingly fresh—as it is biblically grounded and developmentally informed. The Stages model is based on 1 John 2:12-14. The three Stages of Childhood, Young Adulthood, and Parenthood, together with eight distinct Milestones, offer a compelling description of the growth of one’s Christian faith and vital clues as to how the journey progresses.

Childhood Stage, Young Adulthood Stage, Parenthood Stage

You can rely on the Spiritual Growth Profile to discover how far you have traveled in each Stage, identify what may detain your healing and transformation, and chart your steps forward.

As you get familiar with the Stages of Faith workbook and its companion textbook, The Path, you will discover how these resources will transform your own personal life as well as your ministry to others.

Stages of Faith Ministries provides one-on-one private spiritual growth coaching, and leadership training. Let us help you make an impact in your church, small groups, disciple-making organization, college or seminary spiritual formation courses, and Christian counseling.

“There is nothing more critical than the spiritual health and vitality of leaders. As a developer of leaders, I am always looking for tools to help in the growth process. Stages of Faith combines practical steps, biblical context, and engaging questions to help any person walk through the process of growth. It provides a road map to gauge where one is on the journey, where one might have drifted, and a path to continue toward maturity and health. I personally worked through Stages of Faith with the coaching of Don Willett. I recognized there were some gaps in one of the earlier stages where I needed to refocus my heart. Don helped me do that as I continue my growth journey. I am indebted to Don and love his shepherd’s heart.”

Marc Rutter, D. Min.

US National Director Leadership Development and HR , Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ)