I’m talking about serious shortcomings in the way we as leaders disciple, educate, and prepare believers for spiritual growth. 

So many of our formulas and quick fixes leave the believer disillusioned, disappointed, and exhausted. Often we think that the more we study, pray, attend, give, witness, serve, surrender, praise . . . the more we will grow. More, more, more.  Maybe you have already experienced this.

Stages of Faith: 8 Milestones That Mark Your Journey

John, nicknamed “a Son of Thunder,” was transformed – over six decades – to “the Apostle of Love.” If God can change John, be confident that He can transform you as well!  And John shows us how that transformation happens.

In 1 John 2:12-4, The apostle John—guided by the Holy Spirit—described a believer’s lifelong journey of faith, with three different Stages of spiritual growth, including clear benchmarks­ – “Milestone” markers – that distinguish each Stage and taking into account what causes development to advance or to plateau.

Let God, through John’s words, challenge your present understanding of the Christian life, what it means to be “spiritual,” and how to grow in your faith.

As you work through these thirteen lessons, you can expect to:

  • Understand a biblical map of the lifelong journey of spiritual growth through 3 Stages and its 8 Milestone markers
  • Locate how far you have traveled, and determine how far you have yet to go
  • Target the specific obstacles that delay your spiritual progress and transformation
  • Chart steps to get optimally spiritually fit
  • Learn how to be different and make a difference

I’m certain you’ll return to Stages of Faith again and again – to revise and upgrade your own story of transformation from a “Son of Thunder.”

13 lessons is designed for small-group and personal use.

“Finally, a perfectly balanced, effective, and attractive publication that sets out a courageous path to deep and meaningful spiritual growth. Don Willett is a master educator with decades of experience in serious discipleship—and it shows. There is not a church, Bible study, or Christian growth group that would not benefit dramatically from working through this phenomenal study.”

—Craig J. Hazen, Ph.D.
Director, MA in Christian Apologetics
Biola University
Author of Five Sacred Crossings

 We had our first Stages of Faith session last night. I tell you — it was an awesome experience. We have 12 guys. They are very excited about the journey. I can’t tell you how full I am at the end of the session to see the guys open up and start to share so early in the process. It was long overdue, and is much needed. Stages of Faith is gonna be a great fit for us.”

—Keith Cobbin, Elon, NC
Business Owner, Entrepreneur

The Path: How to Understand and Experience Authentic Spiritual Growth

Written especially for disciple-makers, pastors, small group leaders, missionaries, counselors, professors of spiritual formation, mentors— and countless others who want to be different and make a difference.

The Path is easy to understand, yet sophisticated, comprehensive, and transformative.

Biblically based and developmentally informed, The Path fully develops the model in the Stages of Faith workbook, and will be an invaluable guide in teaching you how to help others grow deep and whole, transformed and not merely informed. Here is the research and theory that is foundational to the paradigm of Stages.

In The Path, you can expect to:

  • A convincing and biblical case for three Stages of spiritual growth
  • How far you have progressed and how far you have yet to go
  • Twelve specific characteristics of the process of spiritual growth—the rhythms, tempos, and patterns—that reshapes us into His likeness
  • How to understand, care for and guide fellow believers along their journey
  • How to develop an intentional strategy leading to the ongoing growth of disciples

“Everyone wants to know God’s will. They want a path … a road to travel. Men and women hear the challenge to grow spiritually, to be a disciple. Their heart responds, but the way to do it remains unclear and vague. Beyond being taught and even being in Bible studies, there is a desperate need for clear, simple, and achievable steps to take. The Path does exactly that. It skillfully lays out a road to help people grow in Christ as disciples. As a Navigator, I love the “how to” coupled with a solid, biblical basis for growth. It is tested. It is grounded in years of experimentation. Don Willett has put this vital material in a form that churches, small group leaders, and individual disciples and disciplers can readily put into practice. I do not want to imply that discipleship is easy. It still requires work and commitment, but in a context of a proven Path. Walk down this path into biblical Stages of growth. It will transform people and their churches.”

—Jerry E. White, Ph.D.
Major General, USAF, Ret
International President Emeritus
Chairman Emeritus
The Navigators