New Direction

A resource to start Conversations!

I’m excited to introduce you to New Direction, a resource that offers a fresh way to start Conversations about the amazing adventure of following Jesus. 

Over the years, I’ve heard it said many times… “I wish I had a resource I could use to create natural conversations with that person God puts on my path.”  Or, “We need a fresh way to help support and guide new/young believers at our church.”

New Direction will do just that. 

Imagine taking time to explore, ask questions, and come to understand:

  • what it means to receive Christ as Savior and then,
  • how to confidently set out on your journey of spiritual growth.

You’ll move through the Conversations at your own pace, taking a break whenever you’d like and then picking up where you left off.

  • The first two Conversations focus on “God’s Plan of Salvation” and what it means to make a commitment to Jesus and experience Him as your Lord.
  • The next four Conversations introduce “God’s plan of Transformation” based on the apostle John’s teaching in 1 John 2:12-14 on Stages of spiritual growth.

Milestone #1 is about Experiencing God’s Grace and Forgiveness;
Milestone #2 is about Embracing God as Father; and
Milestone #3 is about Growing up Together.

You can download the FREE PDF of all six Conversations and view them on your smartphone/tablet or print to discuss them on the go! 

Let’s make a difference, Don Willett

Tips for the Leader of New Direction Conversations


Each of the six Conversations is designed to use one-on-one in an informal setting, like over coffee, where there is a free exchange of interaction. Maybe you can use New Direction to share Christ with a friend… a work colleague . . . someone on your campus… men and women incarcerated in prison . . . other ideas you have.

Make an appointment with someone who shows interest, or has made a recent decision. They can walk with you through the Conversations at their own pace, and stop wherever and talk. And pick up again next time.

New Believers class:  

New Direction can also be used as a curriculum to support and guide a group of new believers who’ve recently made a profession of faith. How about inviting those who want to take a fresh look at the basics of a biblically-based faith.

They will learn from the beginning of their journey that faith grows best in a caring group.

Are you limited to tight Sunday, 50-minute sessions? These Conversations can still work well. Of course, you’ll keep your eye on the clock and move through each Conversation, staying on track…

Consider completing the first two Conversations in four sessions. The four Truths and Questions are all-important, serious matters to explore. It’s best to not hurry and miss out on what’s at stake. You can make an eternal difference.

The Childhood Stage of faith: 

Conversations #3-6 introduce the believer to 1 John 2:12-14, in particular, the Childhood Stage of faith—and its three Milestone markers.

These Milestones are three essentials, God’s Agenda, that every follower of Christ needs if he or she is to start the journey of faith well and go far. Each Conversation gives the believer clarity and confidence about the challenges to their spiritual growth they will face on the journey ahead. Too often, the truths imbedded in these Milestones are given insufficient attention, delaying the believer’s progress and growth.

New Direction gives you a new way to create opportunities to talk about spiritual growth and how transformation happens (in the Childhood Stage). You are offering a spiritual roadmap of what every believer can anticipate and should plan to attend to.

What’s Next? 

When the believer has completed the Childhood Stage Conversations, he or she will benefit from getting into Stages of Faith: 8 Milestones That Mark Your Journey  – where they will do a deeper pe into the Childhood Stage, and then explore the Young Adulthood Stage and the Parenthood Stage. It’s a compelling and comprehensive vision of spiritual development.

As a leader of New Direction, you would be wise to get acquainted with the overall model of the Stages of Faith. The Childhood Stage is foundational to the Young Adulthood Stage, and to the Parenthood Stage. You will then be able to understand where group members will be going on their journey as they mature.

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