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I’m excited to introduce you to New Directiona resource that offers a fresh way to start the amazing adventure of following Jesus.

Over the years, I’ve heard it said many times… “I wish I had a resource I could use to create a natural conversation with that person God puts in my path.” Or, “We need a fresh way to help support and guide new/young believers at our church.”

New Direction will do just that.

Imagine taking time to explore, ask questions, and come to understand:

  • what it means to receive Christ as Savior and then,
  • how to confidently set out on your journey of spiritual growth.

You’ll move through the Conversations at your own pace, taking a break whenever you’d like and then picking up where you left off.

  • The first two Conversations focus on “God’s Plan of Salvation” and what it means to make a commitment to Jesus and experience Him as your Lord.
  • The next four Conversations introduce “God’s plan of Transformation” based on the apostle John’s teaching in 1 John 2:12-14 on Stages of spiritual growth.

Milestone #1 is about Experiencing God’s Grace and Forgiveness;
Milestone #2 is about Embracing God as Father; and
Milestone #3 is about Growing up Together.

You can download the FREE PDF of all six conversations and view a Conversation on your smartphone/tablet or print it to engage in the Conversation on the go!

Let’s make a difference, Don Willett

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