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Are you called to start or lead an impactful ministry to men; provide shepherding care and direction to men; disciple men, lead small groups for men? Is it your desire to help men become increasingly devoted, mature followers of Christ?

Dr. Willett has developed a comprehensive ministry that transforms—Men Made New©. From his own experience leading men, he describes a compelling biblical model, provides a reliable framework upon which to build a ministry to the men, and offers clear and definitive principles to follow. 

Don can provide both private Coaching and leadership Training to help you customize a comprehensive ministry—not a one-size-fits-all formula—that will shape and reshape men who are gradually becoming more like Christ. 

Impacting men is entirely different than rolling out a large-scale, finely-tuned program of bible studies, spiritual disciplines, accountability, events, and an annual retreat with a gifted speaker. Genuine spiritual, Christlike transformation will be neither superficial nor instantaneous. The primary aim will be to enable believers to become increasingly “deep” and gradually transformed. 

And this transformation happens through three dynamic Stages of spiritual development—Childhood, Young Adulthood, and Parenthood. Thus, leaders of men must become familiar with the model in Stages of Faith and skilled at guiding others along this path. 

Don can help you:

  • Explore 5 Steps that offer long-range direction for guiding the spiritual growth of men.
  • Understand the role of small groups in optimizing spiritual growth

“When I was first approached to take part in the Stages of Faith group, I thought it was just another routine class being offered. After the first session where we all introduced ourselves and gave a brief description of our childhood and what has brought us to where we are now, then I realized that this group was destined to be life changing. When you see grown men getting emotional about what they have been through in life you know at that point God’s getting ready to work a miracle. This group bonded so well and we learned from and were taught by everybody. I feel so special to have been a part of this Stages of Faith class and I know that my life was impacted all the greater by sharing our stories and receiving the unconditional support of these brothers!”

Tyrone J