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Don is in his “sweet spot” when speaking to & interacting with:

  • believers who want to go deeper and farther on their journey
  • leaders who want to make a difference
  • disciple-makers who guide spiritual growth
  • men’s events

Get in Shape for the Journey
Follow a Transformative Path to Christlikeness

We all wonder, “Where am I in my spiritual growth?” We are curious— How far have I come toward genuine Christlikeness? You will be surprised to discover that there is a clear path of spiritual growth to follow on your journey— a biblical path that gives you direction and confidence. Based on Don’s Biblical model of Stages of Faith in 1 John 2:12-14, you will be introduced to a different way of thinking about spiritual growth—the Childhood Stage of faith, the Young Adulthood Stage of faith, and the Parenthood Stage of faith. 

Jesus & We
Going the Distance Together

Jesus & Me is the believer’s personal and private relationship with Christ— the vertical dimension of faith. Jesus & We is the horizontal dimension of faith, and is interpersonal and interdependent. Believers living in relationship with one another are partners in spiritual growth, empowering one another toward maturity and further Christlikeness. But, impoverished or stalled spiritual growth can be at least partly attributed to inadequate and superficial relationships. 

Grace for the Journey
God’s Neglected Prescription for Brokenness and Unworthiness

Many believers fail to get far beyond salvation—which is just the beginning of the journey— and spiritual growth fizzles and stalls. Self-condemnation, legalism, and performing to please misshape our faith as well as our identity in Christ. Followers of Christ need to discover grace — transforming and restorative grace that free us from the painful wounds and crippling bondages of the past. Even if you have been a Christian for many years, the truths of a grace-based life can bring renewal, healing, and strength for the journey ahead.

Contact Dr. Willett at don@stagesoffaith.com to book a speaking engagement. 

“Finally, a perfectly balanced, effective, and attractive publication that sets out a courageous path to deep and meaningful spiritual growth. Don Willett is a master educator with decades of experience in serious discipleship—and it shows. There is not a church, Bible study, or Christian growth group that would not benefit dramatically from working through this phenomenal study.”

Craig J. Hazen, Ph.D.

Director, MA in Christian Apologetics , Biola University Author of Five Sacred Crossings