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Three Startling Findings

Our research shows that followers of Christ will often find some vital aspects of the Childhood Stage of faith that they have ignored or neglected, delaying their progress. And too many believers will plateau and stall—some permanently—in the Young Adulthood Stage of faith, in a borrowed, secondhand, and conforming faith. Then, sadly, there is a shortage of full-grown Parents in the faith who are seasoned and whole and can provide skilled guidance to others.

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The ongoing spiritual development of followers of Christ is paramount to having your church, small groups, disciple-making or mission organization become a “center of spiritual growth” and a “training ground” for genuinely transformed leaders and Parents in the faith. That’s what the priority of Jesus’ Great Commission is all about!

More, More, More . . . 

As leaders we have often prescribed more surrender, more Bible study, more witness, more prayer, more attendance, more service, more… Does More transform? Of course not!  More leaves many believers busy, disillusioned, and exhausted. And they don’t know why, nor what to do.

“It’s time for a change in the way we think about spiritual growth and the way we guide others in the faith.Stages of Faith research has developed an unprecedented way to think about spiritual growth and an innovative way to guide others.”

Note to Pastors

You are urgently needed!  You can provide the vision and strategy for your ministry as you look to the Stages of Faith model: How are you nurturing the congregation as they journey through these Stages and Milestones? What are the strengths of your church? In what areas are they weak? What are you intentionally doing to produce healthy Children, Young Adults, and Parents in the faith? What changes in strategy do you need to make to help people avoid getting stuck?

Note to every Leader

Stages of Faith Ministries provide Coaching and consulting with churches, disciple-making and mission organizations, church planters, Christian educators, and counselors to equip leaders to become competent in understanding and making use of Stages of Faith and The Path.  We also offer seminars and teaching in areas of spiritual formation related to his Stages of Faith model.

Email us at don@stagesoffaith.com to help you shape a path of spiritual growth for believers in your care and to help you develop leaders and Parents in the faith.

Note to Pastors to Men

We’ve developed a ministry to men that transforms— MenMadeNew©.

  • Men need to know and be known by other men.
  • Men learn to prioritize the study and personal application of God’s Word.
  • Optimal spiritual growth can’t happen alone.

“Wow!!! Transformational, emotional, educational, inspiring and engaging. Stages of Faith has been that and much more. Stages provided a venue to grow in Christ while truly being transparent with other men. The experience has helped me to grow closer to the brothers in the program. It has truly been life changing.”

Rodney W.