Spiritual Growth Profile

God is at work in you and you can see exactly where He is working

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The Spiritual Growth Profile will help you:

  • Locate how far you have traveled, and determine how far you have yet to go
  • Target the specific obstacles that delay your progress and transformation, 
  • Chart steps toward optimal spiritual fitness. 

No other instrument like this exists!

A breakthrough discovery resulting from Stages of Faith research is that we can now identify the very areas that fuel or hinder our spiritual growth. A one-of-a-kind instrument —the Spiritual Growth Profile—has been developed to diagnose your spiritual fitness in each of the three Stages of faith and the eight Milestone markers.

The Spiritual Growth Profile includes:

  • Comprehensive spiritual growth questionnaire
  • Personalized “Journey of Faith” chart based on questionnaire answers
  • Exclusive access to saved profile entries for future reference

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